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After Appearing in Performing Bands

                                           In Newtown Glebe & Surry Hills

                                              Now Katoomba Main Street

Unique -  Music and Poetry of the Professional Busker, Pub Gig, Open Mike & Stage

Performing music came as precious as breath with improvised street parties

                             Dancing in the energies of love in the tide of a musical celebration

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Dream Quester in Search of Enlightenment

Shares Discoveries

                                                       MUSIC MADE BY THIS ARTIST

                                          POETRY GIVING YOU INSIGHT INTO NOT SUCH AN ORDINARY LIFE

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    Don't miss the experience of this music                                                                               To the Miracle of the Mountains


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Eleon  - 


Bulb     - 


Sometimes Poetry flows into Music
Often it stands to itself to be of Wonder

------------------------------                          MODERN POETRY               ------------------------------------------
Books to be Yours
  "The Jester's Appraisal"                                        A Musical story in Poetry
Viva Poetry Revolution......                                      Want to look at some poetry......
A book of poetry to inspire love and beauty to the heart soul,
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Your eyes are glistening colour                        Abstract Poetry- finding meaning in the future   
raindrops fall in rainbows                                          I prevail in a sense of self expression

from your shoulders                                                 every tear drop caught and treasured
                                                                               Playing Guitar on the streets in winter  

Fantasy falls to those who make it                            Moving in their unique sequence 

White elephants in green fields                                 Dancing with the depths of the senses

Love to sing love songs to each other                       The curtain raise in the gold clad stage

Play music play form the pattern of your disappearing audible manifestations into the world 

   He reveals in angst for her return the voyage has been tiresome missing the beckoning of her lips

Licking wall paper for three days

I awaken in a sense of purple

This is the story of buildings past

With mixed emotions

Her perception of beauty is exquisite and outweighs the precious essence of intellect sharing creation with the world

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 The Jester's Appraisal

A Classical Embrace with a Fearless Street Life of a Performing and Socializing Musician and Scholar

The Jester's Appraisal

Cheaper Copy 2nd edition Found on Lulu Publishing

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The Jester's Appraisal 1st edition Found on Amazon


                                                  Romance Romance Romance

A Lyrical Potion- An Intriguing read of a journey into the mind and heart through space and time of a performing musician, with moments of brilliance and enlightening acquisitions in an attempt of forming an entertaining composition of peace and praise to activity, 327 pages of priceless poetry gifting meaning to unexplained existence 

Leo Sun- This book is absolutely perplexing with musical street culture with lines of descriptive beauty which give so much yet are only directions to the experiences of the power of nature and music in life


The Artist Gregory Leslie after studying literature amongst other subjects at Sydney University set out on a musical solace to perform in Newtown and Glebe after interacting with bohemian like friends he found that writing his own Poetry and Prose came naturally and after performing some of his pieces at poetry reading nights in Glebe gained the confidence to take his writing to the next level and publish 

This Stuff Is Just Getting Wilder - New Book Made - 700,000 Trees 

A Poetry Book of Literature which Enlightens and Revolutionises our Attitudes to the Power of Nature and Introduces the 24 Galaxy co-operative universe in an intellectual and comical way --- You'll Love it !!!


Can the force of love into form let us live forever?

An energy to renew the physical form found in nature?

Is the conscious not physical as thought and speech, be the soul the feeling speaking self through lifetimes?

Do we change into the experiences of pleasure? 

                    -Books available in The Blue Mountains Library System- 

Questioning the existence of life and lifestyles from a fearless and intellectual  perspective 

Challenging the reasons and potential of choice 

                                    Ma Ma physical ability

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!!!!                                     New !!!! Short Stories !!!! 


Take a Journey through Fantasy Fiction, an Adventure filled Genre in Modern Writing TWO SHORT STORIES IN ONE BOOK 
These books are an absolute trip Space Explorers discover the planet and land in the awakening of the Egyptian Afterlife
Three castles in ancient times defend their people by training Knights to fight the Monsters of the Underground 



And SOME MUSIC ----------->>>>FUNKY<<<<--------------- 

Music Review from an AMERICAN JOURNALIST 

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      The music made below can only be grasped as interludes of creative experience and observation of human and natural phenomenon

      Where melodies are invented from the pulsing of rhythm found on the edges of independence and survival

      From Rock tunes to ballads of folk musical doors are opened to display a life of perspective beauty to the listener





Beautiful Music is Priceless

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MUSIC FROM THE SOUL OF THE STREETS                                                                    Music


THE HEART OF THE MOUNTAIN                   


                                         Free Demo of Kissing The Moon below click play

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