About Us


Zebra Industries


Wants to raise awareness of the 2018 Poetry Revolution.

An art form which has been widely ignore by many..../?/... must return.                            The Revolution is the Solution 

To give you a heightening of the senses and adventure in this literature which brings the reader to experience interludes of intrigue. 

I am also promoting myself as a Musician giving the viewer a taste of audio sensation and a chance to dream with accompaniment of improvised Music.

Enjoy my Albums featured on Itunes
and books featured on Amazon and Lulu Publishing 

All book and music files are protected by Copyright


Don't miss out on the Photography which is both beautiful and inspiring > 


donate $20 or more per month through
Represent Australia $20 per month
Provides clean drinking water 10 000 Lt per month
and medical supplies 
To people in need

The Future of Zebra Industries 

This is Zebra Industries at it's  Amateur Stage

The company is intending to branch into providing for fields of art and promote other independent artists in similar genres
By providing a virtual market place for independent and self-published art

And Sponsor Gallery Hire for exhibitions 

We intend to make Zebra Industries a place to present and advertise Australian Independent Art

Zebra Industries is giving you the chance to VIEW in the progress of the company to provide equipment for the making of Advertising of the site, Accommodation, Gallery higher for Painters and Photographers in places like Katoomba Art Galleries, A place for self published writers of Poetry and other Genres to sell their books, Graphic Designers- compositions to display, for comics to films to logos, Direct musicians with the studio doubling as a place to record music at a standard to feature their music on Itunes 
 and Major Exposure for Independent Artists who may already have collaborations on Itunes or Amazon or are ready for a gallery exhibition 

We wish to network from Katoomba and provide flash advertising throughout the Blue Mountains, through the internet and other places of exposure across the country to encourage artists to promote their work through us, which after local, national, and International advertising- aiming for TV advertising =>
will be noticed, we even have links with ArtistPr, Radio Airplay and Tunecore who are  established to promote music throughout the world
and www.selz.com who will sell may sell your art
Challenging other companies to take interest, will also be involved 

This company is a step up, a place to be recognised, gain confidence and a chance for art to prosper and be experienced by the masses 


You see me on this site as an artist of much experience and many years with a professional perception for beauty and standard for creative work 
My aim is for other aspiring artists to have room on this site
To bring creativity, beauty and interest into the modern world,
 A Motivation for Artists 

Australian Independent Art

If you are an artist and wish to display your art on Zebra Industries, send me a sample of your work and I will email you 


All the best            GREGORY LESLIE