Have a truly lovely day

Took that picture at Maroubra Beach

Beach Fitness - Brings Beauty to the mind Daily

To pursue goodness

Seek happiness

Love comes from within 

Success comes from time spent wisely

Wisdom, Physique, Comfort, Relationships


Meditation Muscle Relaxation Technique -  Reliefs Muscle Stress, Providing a Warmth,

                                                          Increasing Energy Flow through the Entire Body

The Techniques taught in this practice can be performed at any time with ease

Best accompanied by a session of meditation, the benefits are immediate

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 Karate and loving it !!!

I am currently a Yellow Belt at the Martial Art of Chitoryu Karate Do

Found at this site --  http://www.karatensw.com.au/

This has led to great experiences, mental and physical ability

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Zebra Industries= Charity

wait a minute this is important make a monthly donation of $20 or more to provide needed drinking water to a people in need

This would have to be the most satisfying thing i have done with money= Save The Children Now represent Australia

and show the world we are humane 


no doubt your a good person but can you show this with a donation

                                                            $20 per month provides 10 000 Letres of fresh water