I Freelance

Ok Zebras time to open the doors

This company is found within the secret passges of opportunity  and can be all you need

to build an online career

IFreelance offers opportunity to work in freelance jobs in a number of different trades

Personally I am using this site to develop experience as a Transcriptionist in able to gain a place in a major

Transcription company and  pursue such  as a career

This is the site http://www.ifreelance.com/

There is a monthly fee though small depending on membership

So make a decision

Personally I have built a Transcription resume from previous jobs from iFreelance being accepted after the publishfication of MY book along with complete editing mention university experience in resume


In planning awaits Zebra Industries Subscribed Transcriptionist Recruitment

Changed my mind but to be such as above and hold this title with absolutly no commitments to me Google Transcription Jobs and try joining the companies to recieve work

Membership is free though they do require a resume

To build your Transcriptionist resume join My Data Team where they give you three practice transcriptions to place on your resume

The room is open :>