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Reaching the Masses 

Andrew Brown- Very Talented Song Writer and Singer in his band Tierra Outlaws

Former fellow member of a performing Newtown Band- Sequald 

Andrew has gone on to star in his new band The Tierra Outlaws

Giving him the freedom and support to record some great tracks

Lyrics and vocal tone showing a maturity and wisdom outweighing his age

Love his music at

Video clips available on You Tube

Ash Wanders - A talented Singer-Song Writer- Located in the Blue Mountains

He has performed in many live gigs and worked with many different bands

He has also recorded albums which are marvellous musical creations 

Below are links to some of his work which i am proud to display              I was at that gig !!

Check him out- I hope you love the experience of his music and message as much as I do

You Tube- Ash Wanders -to discover more of his creative gifts 

Eddie Fisher- "The Trail Blazer" Singer- Songwriter with Flightdeck Productions

Is a very experienced musician with many stories of encounters with famous rock stars

A great guy to meet and share a beer, he has recorded a solo album and is currently travelling the USA

promoting his music which can be found on his website


You will be amazed- a guru of his craft- Music Videos of live performances on his website