The Voyage

On this vessel

To be at the extent

one bound to another

In the to and fro sway

Of a Columbus voyage

Time lays in the betrayal of mystery

left to be examined and needed to mercy

fullness guides with caress

bending and folding cloth motion

deep set eyes show the stain of many a voyage

over wishing for the exalted sight

of new lands

when looking within the traveller searches

the intention to the desire for his discovery

seeking to be unselfish and display

strength through means

recognized by the most high

he proceeds with his requests sailing forward

into the dawning hours of the day break

in the elation of knowing oneself 

the dressage becomes symbolic 

to the talent explored

in love falling to be companion guided

to the revelation of bountifulness

to be subconsciously displayed 

As oneself

with the meaning of another he chooses

to wait for

though seek beyond normal means

in flight to take her beyond

the known extent of herself

Ramped in pursuit he bounds forward

to take unknown footsteps into existing moments

in resolution to pursue and escape

courage shown, rewarded by the arrival

of her Jewellery

one will bloom from the talk of a clown with a flower

when left with the clouds 

with the sight of familiarities

Beliefs are thought to be forever altered

comforted when affirmed

to sleep deeply 

well-wishing the enigma of a common

pathway to fortune

embellished laid footsteps

unforgotten to the known

Given by a gift of freedom

Revisited potential

the door opens for him

in the wake of tea

elite one prospers

in the pursuit of intrigue

as the sight of a moment

to adore

playing safe with created compliments

flower in hair

Swinger softly

A path is well perceived

the chance to be here

In the purity of the afternoon

to be suitable in strength

to materialize peace

loved ones held close Roam in delight

Known to pleasure and resolve

provide a happiness to heighten

the limitless

Explored with known companions

Living in a coloured realm of festival

An athlete proves talents

of movement, clean from the steeped folly

musical interludes of passions lived

vile the leaf

in awareness of exhibition

needs in specialized circumstances

fly with new dress and wheels 

to know the voyage 

will continue