I know the journey has been one full of comedy, love, romance and special insight Yes

Well if it has or hasn't..............!! I have it captured in a classic book of poetry

If you buy only one book in this year this is it!!

just to enjoy yourself and be captured by the entrapment of one who is free in the planet-------courage in the expressions of love

The Book is written by me and is the story of a musician living in Glebe, Newtown and Surry Hills with the last section written in the Blue Mountains

Contains well written insights into culture and celebration of life in a place where such is abundant

Start a collection of poetry books today 

May become one of your favourites

No Explicit Language in any Published Work

Available at this link  HARD COPY

The Jester's Appraisal

Cheaper 2nd edition 


Amazon 1st edition


A Poetry Book of Literature which Enlightens and Revolutionizes our Attitudes to the Power of Nature to increase the connection with love and strengthen the self

 Introduces the 24 Galaxy co-operative universe in an intellectual and comical way -- 

You'll Love it !!!

If the soul is eternal and part of the conscious is thought and speech 

Can the renewal of the physical body in all it's elements lead to prolonged existence

A Lyrical Potion

Includes the well written feel good reads= Jezi's Cafe- A Flower's Sunrise-The Neon Bell-Worlds of Worlds

All in one book making up 327 pages of poetry about the life of a musician exploring life filled with experiences of love, passion, discovery and adventure revealing truths of the universe rarely spoken of and dedications of love to special irresistible people

Fantasy of ancient battles established and won to claim the precious love and energy of the natural world

Each book makes up a chapter of this master piece recovering dreams and escapes of a love for life the search for enlightenment and celebration 

Leo Sun

This book is one from front to back lyrical astonishment as the reader journeys through the accomplished art form of poetry

A book of poetry describing a bond with the living sun being Omeo and Omisra Emperor of the universe

 A journey of a musician with encounters with special characters and a description of life shared

The making of special experiences lyrical complexities and melody to bring the reader into a world beyond

any known reality



Poem available from A Lyrical Potion

Tender Rose

Now the choir sounds upon the battlement

Mist envelopes the town

To night-riders who walk for the view

Tender Rose sways in comfort

Glowing nose and beetle brush hair

dances her praises in the wind

awaiting her steady captive

to embrace the lustful melody in the night

Petal shed she resurrects every passing flower

due duped dress in green, steel caped boots

shell clipped hair for the ocean

pours honey into the mixing bowl

freshens the lotion

with petal from the falling flower

The Angel's Breath

The enlightened conscious

Leaves the lifeless body

In time

To swirl

In the pure encompassment of self

With all knowledge held in light

Through the world

As if in an unconscious dream

All wanting is unified

With the abundance of everything

Made of universe

To be swirling the earth

In self to be reborn

Echoes a vibration

Of identity

Form message for new life

Entering the mother

To sleep in the

Unconscious realm of child

of the mind

And heart


passage of coincidence


The Angel's first breath

of silvery snow